We are AlterEdge, creative team of designers, developers and strategic thinkers in Belgrade. Our vision is creation of solutions that ensures great user experience, both through ease of use and clear communication. Diverse media through which we work, gives us a broad perspective on possible solutions when faced with the creative problem solving.

We Are Creators Of DIMS Platform

DIMS is the revolutionary concept that transforms your whole website "as it is", into a full front-end content management system. It puts the administrator of a website to the "center of the universe" by completely eliminating the classical back-office administrative area and allowing full content creation and update through a front-end of a website. DIMS is the most intuitive CMS you might ever seen in your life. And yes, we are not joking.

Our Clients Recommend Us

"Our cooperation with AlterEdge has proven to be a productive and efficient process. We have no compunction in recommending them to any business due to their flexibility, professionalism and an exceptionally high level of diligence. Their team has gone above and beyond our expectations in facilitating demands in the most pragmatic of ways. Through this pragmatism, they shaped our cooperation from seemingly chaotic starting point into clean and ordered final product; top level service!"

Nick Stan, Newmet International AG , Director of London Office